This shift in hormones causes women to hold onto weight in their bellies. The good news: you can fight this process. Read on.. Then the Joker adds: so consistent, we shouldn spend too much words about him. We all know how good he is. He the greatest ever.

Agency execs like Douglas were bringing brands to Snapchat for its young audience, but when they couldn’t measure the impact of the ads, it became a no go zone for many. “Sometimes marketers didn’t get it,” Douglas says. When Snapchat lowered the price after a year, video ads still cost $20 for a thousand impressions, or 2 cents a view..

Cross Ange was tempting here, as it has started to come together surprisingly well in its second quarter, but I was far more completely caught off guard by Genesis. Anime adaptations of games other than ero games generally do not have a good track record, so I was expecting little from this one, but I was absolutely floored by its ambitious visual presentation, sharp characters, and cinematic style. Rebecca’s choice indicates to me that I do eventually need to go back and watch that one, as I had been somewhat interested in it but just didn’t have enough time during the Spring season to keep up with it.Rebecca: I wish I’d had the time to see Theron’s choice! If Her Flag Breaks really looked like it was going to be harem schlock and then completely surprised me by becoming a humorous parody of it instead, while still maintaining just enough genre conventions to keep it grounded.

A delivery person for Pizza Hut in Gaithersburg was attempting to make a delivery to the 400 block of W. Diamond Ave. When the owner of the apartment stated he did not order a pizza. Zahn said.the stores and the distribution centres start functioning properly, if they start producing the results over time that show they would lead to profitability, that would encourage them to keep at it. John Mulligan admitted as much in a media call on Wednesday.hard to judge [any particular] store right now because we haven put our best foot forward in any of the stores, he said. Supply chain needs to be operating at a much better level, and then we can worry about assessing stores.

What is it about beech trunks that present a blank page urging people to find a sharp tool and leave their mark? Common in cemeteries, along streets, and in urban parks, such inscrutable histories seem odd where people profess to get away from what they left behind. In an age where words and symbols can go instantly around the globe and seemingly last forever, what is it about chiseling into the flesh of a tree that heightens messages? Is it vandalism or my own voyeuristic curiosity that annoys me most?(Haibun is a marriage of prose and haiku. It was first practiced by seventeenth century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho who perfected the form in a journal he kept on a trip to the remote regions of northern Japan.