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A more extreme sect of the movement, the Izikhothane, have taken their dance offs to a darker place: Not content with merely wearing the most expensive designer clothes, they demonstrate their superiority over their rivals by burning said clothes. And if that doesn’t do the trick, they burn dollar bills, smash cellphones, and dump bottles of expensive liquor on the ground. It all sounds, well, a bit impractical, but one could argue that this behavior is simply the rebellious response to long term and severe economic oppression.

Today the Moon is in your sign lined up with your ruler fair Venus. It doesn get much better than this. In addition, this lovely combo is also dancing with retrograde Mercury. What the Golden Knights remind me of is the 1988 Canadian Olympic team before they added the NHL players (Andy Moog, Brian Bradley); the best player going in was goalie Sean Burke with a group of well defined players (Merlin Malinowski, Ken Berry, Serge Boisvert) who knew their jobs. No stars and no glaring weak links. That Canadian squad beat the mighty Soviets twice before the Olympics..

“This is THE music story of 2017 on YouTube it was the first video in YouTube history to surpass 3 billion views, and it broke the record for the most viewed video of all time on YouTube,” Bell said. “It’s now at 4.4 billion views. The video has propelled Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee to international stardom and multiple Grammy nominations if it wins song of the year, it will make history as the first non English song to win that honour since the 1960s.”.

He reentered the seminary, completed his studies in theology with the class of 1886, was ordained a minister of the Congre gational church in Boston by the Rev. Dr. Webb, D. The hashtag was based on a simple idea: normalize happy. Normalize the image of black men as three dimensional, joyful, life affirming individuals. Cast them in the light and away from the fearsome shadows.