Think we started communicating a lot better lately, Richardson said about the defense. Were having a lot of mess ups earlier, two guys on the same person and not doing the right assignments. We just talking ourselves out of bad situations. Analysts said products that improve an athlete’s performance often sell well. Speedo has earned wild success with high tech swimsuits that increase swim speed. Several years ago it was the Speedo Fatskin that helped many swimmers set world marks.

But Bloomberg News reported that curbside pickup is being tried out at McDonald in coordination with a mobile payment system, so that no cash or card swiping (or waiting in the drive thru lane) is necessary. Last year, the Container Store introduced a drive thru service in which employees bring online purchases out to the customer waiting car. And virtually every major national retailer has some variation of a buy online pickup in store option, of course.Amazon Lockers, in which orders are picked up with a code at a locker inside a store like 7 Eleven, was discontinued at Staples and Radio Shack, but most expect that the program will keep growing.

Happy Days was a more lighthearted offering. Set in the 1950s, it’s wholesome image was part of its appeal. “Fonzi”, the cool high school dropout (Thumbs up “aaayy!) made a star of Henry Winkler at the time. After the 1998 home run race, during which Mark McGwire kept andro in his locker, sales rose 500 percent to $55 million per year. Substances like andro were available in every clubhouse. It started with a few teams, but the pressure to keep up pushed other teams to stock it as well.

“Certainly I think that people have a right to get items onto a ballot and put things to a public vote, but I don’t believe that civil rights should be placed on ballot for a popular vote,” he told Bay Windows. “I don’t think [Cahillane is] a bad person,” McCoy told Bay Windows. “This whole idea of [putting an issue] up to a popular vote I would give leniency to the average person, because it does sound democratic.

Jason Erskine, communication director of AARP Washington, said the true issue is with the state’s ability to prosecute elder abuse offenders. AARP supported an elder abuse bill in the last legislative session that would have created a legal category for criminal mistreatment of seniors and vulnerable adults, reducing barriers to prosecution. He expects reintroduction this session, perhaps with the blessing of the AG’s office..