We have hope, though. We think that people who like looking at children in magazines must actually like children. We are betting on the chance that they like them enough to protect them from constantly being shadowed by strange men (not trying to be sexist I’m sure there are plenty of strange women in the ‘razzi game).

Until she got a new job, she asked my mom if we adopt him. He was 8 at the time. My mom the type of person to bring in every cat and dog she sees. In pinning high hopes on this production, Kool Aid is far from alone. All around him, it seems, ordinary folks are polishing their acting chops and buzzing about Tinseltown careers. Some have even picked up on film industry jargon, talking in terms of tracking shots and CGI (computer generated imagery), boom mikes and William Morris.

Cities, unlike machines, are similar to a complex ecology. Ecology is capable of achieving a continuous harmonious state, or even further, a positive intensification. If ecological models are productively everlasting, urban models can logically follow.

More on Cannes: Check out our Day 3 blog, in which Ad Age’s Nat Ives checks out the surprising Philip Morris International installation on the beach, where the company seems to want to convince the ad world that its products are getting safer. (Listen to the podcast here.) Here’s one thought Wolff shared about President Trump’s penchant for conflict: “Maybe we all have a Trumpian side. Borders. In the hours leading up to that reversal, with an outcry about the practice mounting, American, United and Frontier Airlines each said they didn’t want their planes used to transport children who had been separated from their parents, as Ad Age’s Adrianne Pasquarelli writes. United CEO Oscar Munoz’s statement contained this sharp rebuke:.

Campaigns such as the “Lick Global Warming” campaign are advertised on Ben Jerry’s ice cream pints and website to inform people about the company’s stance on the effects of carbon emissions on the environment. Ben Jerry’s also promotes its environmentally conscious business practices like sourcing paper for its pints from paper companies with responsible and sustainable business practices. Ben Jerry’s most well known eco marketing may come from their marches on Washington to protest various issues.

Lately there has been an uptick both locally and internationally of buildings with dark or even black facades. Here in Portland, the reception has been mixed at best. People generally seem to feel that given our often gray and cloudy climate, they just too dark.